Lawn Sprinkler Specialists

Spring Start-up


Get your sprinkler system ready for the season with a thorough inspection. 

We'll make sure that your irrigation system is hassle free and will provide your lawn and landscape with proper water coverage it needs to thrive.

What we do:

  • Turn on and pressurize the system
  • Test all zones for proper operation
  • Visually inspect Vacuum Breaker
  • Inspect all heads, check for leaks and make adjustments
  • Flag any problems 
  • Give estimate for repairs if needed
  • Program controller for current weather conditions and answer any questions you may have


Proper winterization is vital to protect your sprinkler system from damage due to freezing temperatures.

This is best left up to a trusted and experienced irrigation professional.

Done properly, this will help protect your sprinkler system during the winter months by preventing major problems including broken backflow preventers, broken pipes/heads, leaks, and other issues that occur with frozen pipes.  

During this service we'll make note of anything that may need attention in spring.

We Guarantee Our Service!

Repairs and Maintanance

From basic sprinkler repairs to extensive renovations, our expert sprinkler service technicians have the experience to diagnose and repair any irrigation problem quickly and professionally.

Some of our irrigation services:

  • Start-up
  • Winterization
  • Head repair and relocating
  • Leak and freeze damage repair
  • Valve issues and locating
  • Vacuum breaker repairs
  • Lake pumps
  • Rain sensor and Smart controllers
  • Water conservation